Photo: © Peter van Heesen


#auditive undermining visual information. attentive listening. opening unknown spaces.

#unnoticed attention to what is beyond the frame and scene. collection of beauty, absurdity, poetry, effort.

#unfinished urgency to create and share. trusting the unfolding artistic process.

#cosmological creation of body and space. translating life experience into representative elements.

#anthropologic facing radical change. human capacity for adaptation. mutation of the human body.

#scientific in the realm of mystery. discovery driven by curiosity. knowledge reshaping values.

#ritualistic beyond explanation. transformation expressed in action. carrying a secret sense. following hidden principles that function as a key.

#healing positive disturbance. recovery. insisting in the complementation of what is lacking. wholeness.

#somatic human potential. shift of perception. use of the senses. surpassing what seems possible. perceptive concepts bound to culture.

#improvisational inner compass following aspects of space, time and environment. based on awareness, experience and memory. freedom of choice.

#structured somatic phenomena and their inherent forms. universal patterns and principles emerging in nature.

#communicative sounds in motion. understanding based on intelligence and intuition. new modes of connectivity and collaboration. authentic and direct expression. simplicity.

#performative the body won’t lie. transcending our usual capacity to share. entering human essence.

#site-specific incorporating and transforming space. entering fields of tension. confronting reality.

#collective utopian ideal of the collective body. from individual initiation towards collectivity. coexisting through collaboration. encouraging self-organization. parts building a whole. dissolving boundaries. respecting identities.

#fictional displacement of the body. unknown realms of physicality. futuristic scenarios fed by scientific facts. new forces onto the human body.

#futuristic becoming a future body. filling the gap between reality and fiction. engaging in future tasks. exploiting abilities.