anna weissenfels

performance & multimedia artist

photos: Youness Atbane, Özlem Altin

Our group functions as a medium for information.

Walking a common line through flexible landscapes, exploring inner & outer soundscapes, creating new ways of communication.

Together we grow into a swarm like organism...

We attempt self-organization through the practice of group improvisation.


collective research facilitated by

Anna Weißenfels | VOLK TANZ TRUPPE

with Selda Altin, Lea Dietschmann, Marialuisa Capurso, Louise Mochia, Hanna Funk, Carolin Schogs, Franziska Risse


MOVING CHOIR was active from 2012-2016:

2016 VIDEO WORKS 'keine Prosa - Exit Festival' Berlin; Fusion Festival, Lärz

2014 IMPROVISATION 'International Action Theater & Physical Improvisation Festivals' Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

2013 SITE-SPECIFIC PERFROMANCE at Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin


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