Photo: © Christiane Schniebel
My current pedagogic focus is the phenomena of flow through voice and movement. To support this flow, I work with touch as a direct form of information. I understand touch as a witness and thus see it as a great "teacher" itself. I'm fascinated by its attentive potential. Through touch I can scan layers of the body, understand complex body tensions and guide into the release of tensions. Thus touch became a tool for me to indicate directions and possibilities within my teachings.

I am teaching improvisation, partnering and release as well as basics of the connection between voice and movement, perception and body awareness. Concerning my background I am highly influenced by the concepts of release technique and open form composition by Mary O'Donnell. In addition to my dance education, I acquired a profound musical training in piano, voice and choral work which influenced my teaching contents. In 2011 I received a certificate for voice anthropology (UDK) and began a constant exchange and training with the singer / voice pedagogue Ulrike Sowodniok. 
This exchange enriched and reinforced my understanding of the deeper physiological connections of the body.

In the past years I have often taught in collaboration with Ulrike Sowodniok and recently with Akemi Nagao at various places such as somatische akademie Berlin, exploratorium Berlin, tanzfabrik Berlin, tatwerk Berlin, projektraum Drahnsdorf, Studio 142 Bethanien, Deck 3 Berlin. I have also taught abroad, mainly in Morocco at M.A.M. in Marrakesh and l'espace Darja in Casablanca.